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Top 10 Istanbul attractions

  Top 10 Istanbul attractions Istanbul, the only city that lies on two continents. From one side you can see Europe, from other Asia. By reading this review you will get to know the places, that from our point of … Read more

Sevilla catedral
Why you should visit Seville?

Why you should visit Seville? Our first encounter The first time I arrived in Seville, it was quite out of my plans. My idea in Europe was mainly visiting Portugal. Plan was to travel from Lisbon to the north and … Read more

viajeros a dedo en Venecia
About us

About us Travelers, backpackers, this is who we are. For reasons difficult to clarify, we met in the New Year’s eve in Belgrade, Serbia. The list of countries to visit on the trip through Europe did not include Serbia at … Read more

Start here

Welcome to Pasos por el Mapa! Here we are. At the door, at the beginning. Our project is starting and we will call it Pasos por el Mapa. It is the beginning of something that clearly already started in another … Read more

Contact us

Hello again! We would like to thank you for visiting our site. For any question, doubt or any type of information that is within our reach, we leave you our contact form. Consider that we are often traveling. So, it … Read more

happy new year pasos por el mapa
Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2017 went away. Here we are now, in a village, in the mountain… almost in the middle of nowhere. So this is how we start our 2018. Almost so isolated that our New Year’s greetings met those … Read more

Workaway, the best accommodation?

Workaway, the best accommodation? If we talk about traveling for a long time and how we manage ourselves during such trip, like working or volunteering, we can find a few variants. Among these the one mentioned in the title, Workaway. … Read more

Hitchhiking in Spain
Hitchhiking in Spain

Hitchhiking in Spain In this section, we are going to tell you a few important points about travelling hitchhiking in Spain in a short and technical way. If you are planning to travel hitchhiking in Spain or you wonder if … Read more

Low cost guide for backpackers
Low cost guide for backpackers I

Low cost guide for backpackers I Here we present our small low cost guide for backpackers. In broad terms we are going to explain issues and questions that are important, so this trip stretches like chewing gum and continues. This … Read more

our trip hitchhiking
Our trip

Our trip This trip became our way of life. We say one trip, but if we really want to define it, we talk about more of them. Many small trips that make us think and change. We begin to see … Read more