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Travelers, backpackers, this is who we are.

For reasons difficult to clarify, we met in the New Year’s eve in Belgrade, Serbia. The list of countries to visit on the trip through Europe did not include Serbia at all. But a stamp with an exit date in Ireland changed the story. Next plan was Romania. In the middle, something happened and the route changed again. We met at that moment, causality.

Some time later, these travelers began to walk down the same road and since then we traveled hitchhiking about 14000 km around Europe. With the backpacks on our shoulders and only things we need.


backpackers travelers in Norway
Pulpit Rock, Preikestolen, Norway

Since childhood I liked to talk a lot, express myself, explain and tell stories.

Write, as I do now. Dream with my eyes open. Some friends would say that I was “walking in the clouds”. Perhaps they were right.

I learned Spanish like many people my age in the Balkans: watching telenovelas.

My story begins in a small town near Belgrade, Obrenovac. It was the place where I spent my childhood, got my first friends, went to school and enrolled in the Faculty of Economics. The idea was to finish, get a good job and build my career. As you can imagine, the idea of “progress” and “success” in a former communist country, has a different relevance.

Growing up in a country that was disarming and that was constantly faced with military tensions, makes your way of thinking and imagining different.

We always listened that the only important thing was that: job security and stability. Anything that was outside those parameters represented a danger, a risk.

All that is implying a socially instituted definition of a “successful” life. I’m not saying here that this definition is bad, it just turned out that it was not mine.

While I was studying for my exams, I started reading and getting more interested in traveling. Reading blogs and stories made me want to visit all those places, explore and travel the world.

I have always joined organizations that included working with people from different countries. Participating in exchanges, cultural workshops and some international projects was the way I spent my student days. Whenever I traveled, even for a short time, I felt that something was showing me that I could continue. Those trips were the thing that motivated me and made me feel free.

After some time I decided to make my own definition of “success”. I definitely decided I wanted to travel more.

Travel to discover new places, mingle with new cultures and live new experiences. Being able to perceive everything that makes us different, but also to learn what connects us all. When I met Ivan, I saw it was possible to do all of this, just if you want it and if you decide. Then we started travelling together.

There are some traits and characteristics that always accompany you, the ones that define your personality. They are those things that make you who you are, but some of them can change over time. Now, after a few months of traveling, I can say that I have changed a lot. From someone who never camped and who was struggling to endure days of travel, I got to the point where I can say that I crossed over half of Europe hitchhiking and that I’m still traveling. Until when? I don’t know. For the moment, I feel that it is not time to stop.


backpackers in Albania
With my other travel companion in Ksamil, Albania

Argentine, born in Arrecifes, Province of Buenos Aires. Locally globalized as the cradle of champions, where anyone you ask knows about drivers and races. Small town, where everybody knows everybody and there is always something unique to do.

I lived in Rosario where I was studying political science while I waited for summer to arrive. To escape from the city and travel for two or three months.

My grandparents and my father were photographers. Maybe something of that lives still in me. My mom learned the photography on her own many years after and joined the clan. Now when I think about it, I would have liked if I payed a little more attention to it.

When I grew up, I realized that I like the maps. It was something I paid close attention to when I was a kid. This brought me the desire to see much further.

I am not a child and not even the grandson of immigrants, but a few generations back, my family brings some lost gene from some distant country. Could that be the point?

Being the youngest of the family, I always had a few advantages in my house, although as a kid I was more vulnerable and my brother more wild. I did not want to leave the house because I was afraid of storms and thunders. You should see us now, I can say that something has changed …

After visiting Machu Picchu in 2012, I told to myself that I wanted to travel more.

Although the beginning of the trip was delayed, there was much in between, everything served to convince me and get me ready.

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I started to get use to hitchhiking and using my time better. To enjoy every single thing, no matter how small it is. I started to put unimportant things aside and to understand a little more about myself. To decide by myself, to live my life and stop paying attention to what others have to say. To forget the social pressures and ideals of others.

After a few bumps, one day in October I put my backpack on and left. Since then I have been traveling and today I can say that I have traveled across and visited 38 countries.



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