Happy New Year

2017 went away. Here we are now, in a village, in the mountain… almost in the middle of nowhere. So this is how we start our 2018. Almost so isolated that our New Year’s greetings met those of the kings.

So from here we are sending our greetings for a Happy New Year!

The last weeks (and also the following ones) we spent in this place Spindleruv Mlyn, I even think that we do not know well how to pronounce it at all. A ski resort, in the north of Czech Republic.

A new year starts in another place, same as some of the last ones. Away from home and sharing time with those who we just met, those who are now like our family and our home, on this side of the world.

I do not think these dates have a particular charm, perhaps over time we see them differently. Will it be that we change the points of view a little?
Time and things are happening and passing.

On our part, we continue with what we have and we forget what we have left behind.
The celebrations are not as they used to be and we know that some details are surprising.

In my case, the first thing I notice is that the heat of December is changed by a cold winter.
When it comes to making accounts, we know that today almost every day is very similar to us and it must be said that it is like this a while ago.
Beyond that, we also know that special occasions are always there and can appear at any time.

Every time we sit down, we stop and think a little. We realized that each year is taking on another meaning.
Apparently a change of year in the calendar. But if we see a little through and more in detail, we find new stages, different places, new people we meet along the way, achieved goals, some missteps and so many other new things.
It’s something as simple as a new beginning. This time, it comes with a couple of ideas in mind, but always keeping with us the same thought: let it flow, let things happen, let them find us and so we hope it will be in this 2018.
Once again our steps are on the path we choose. We keep moving, keep traveling.

If we have to say something about the year we left behind is that at first glance left us many things.
It started off in an unconventional way, but it was accommodating as the months passed.
Perhaps the best way to explain how we treat this year that already passed is to divide it month by month, with routes and visited places.

If we had a house and a refrigerator, we would probably make a calendar and hang it there. Broadly speaking this would be our reminder of 2017. But nothing to worry about, for now we are walking happy with our backpacks.


According to unofficial calculations, during this year we have hitchhiked over 14000 km around Europe, a good part of that tour is showed on this map.

Travel by European finger travel Map backpackers Itineraries
Hitchhiking in Europe


2017 started in Serbia, with a cold winter and freezing air. Short days with almost no sunshine, lot of ice, snow and -15 degrees most of the month.

Backpackers Serbia Sunset in Belgrade
Sunset in Belgrade, Serbia


In February we traveled together. We visited Bosnia, the first muslim country I was in. A mix of many things, lot of history and places not to be missed in Sarajevo. After a couple of days, we returned to Belgrade. Sanja’s birthday and a month of watching the cold through the window.

Mosque in Sarajevo Bosnia Backpackers for Europe
View of a mosque in Sarajevo


March was a month of almost-goodbyes, we split for a while. I left Serbia and went to see what was going on in Macedonia.
A tour of the capital and the mountains. We’ll have time to write a lot about that. A small country, which offered a lot.

Backpackers in Macedonia landscape en route to Matka Canyon
Macedonia, Road to Matka


April brought a turn around Albania.
I left Macedonia and went for a walk in Albania. A lot of everything, from the most extreme to the best. Surviving a mafia encounter and celebrating my 28th birthday.

Backpackers in Albania Shkoder alleys streets
Corners in Shkoder, Albania


Montenegro, travelling together and the first views of Croatia, from south to the north.

View of Dubrovnik Backpackers in Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia


Mid-year and with the beginning of summer, our journey together started from Zagreb. From mid-month onwards, moving hitchhiking across the coast to Malaga, passing through Venice and Barcelona.

Backpackers in Venice streets and canals of Venice backpackers travelling by finger
Wondering in Venice


With all the possible heat, we were moving around Andalucia. A decision not quite so thought through, but left us its good sides. After short time spent on the beach, we went back to Sevilla and ended up in Granada for almost a month.

Tower of the Gold Sevilla Backpackers women Backpackers Travel
Sanja and the Gold tower in Sevilla


The changes in decisions led us to Norway. 15 days of hitchhiking and in our travel we found ourselves with the pride festival in Amsterdam.
We stopped in Copenhagen and the south of Norway. The end of the month was Berlin and Krakow.

We can say that August was more than good.

Backpackers two travellers in Holland backpackers hitchhiking
Road to Utrecht in Holland

Denmark Travelers Backpackers
We also traveled in Denmark


We went through Budapest and the first week of the month we ended up in Istanbul.

Low cost guide for backpackers Budapest
With the ticket that took us from Bratislava to Budapest
Backpackers in Hungary Budapest travel with backpack women travelers
Sanja in front of the Parliament. Budapest, Hungary


After a not-so-good experience in Workaway, the destiny guided our steps to another place. For that reason we mainly started this Blog.
Istanbul was our first step, Hanchi Hostel our house.

We spent two months in the city, changing some plans. At first we had divided opinion, now sometimes we even miss it.

Backpackers travellers in Istanbul steps around the map travel with backpack
When we started our blog in Istanbul


We left Istanbul and went to Belgrade to the already known winter. We waited, while the cold and the first snowfalls appeared.

Backpackers travellers, Serbia Mokra Gora
A few days of rest in Mokra Gora


In the last month of the year we visited Prague on our way to Spindleruv Mlyn. An incredible city, about which we wrote and there is still so much more to write.


We start again

As we said before, our new year is starting in a mountain village near the border with Poland. This is where we are working in one Ski resort. Basically, this is the end of our year, working a couple of hours and skiing for a while, while we live in a hotel in a winter village.

Backpackers travelers in winter Czech Republic landscapes Mountains snow
Some sunrise in Spindleruv Mlyn

Balancing 2017

In this kind of calendar, we make the balance of our year. It looks good, there are things that come out as expected, others maybe not so much, but we know that everything is part of this life that we choose.

We never set goals, I do not know if in the last year I have asked for a wish or if something I expected was fulfilled.

Sometimes I think what I wanted to do during the year, if I achieved something or if I have something pending. When we review a little, we realize that we are walking.
We’re traveling, meeting people, living our lives.

What else do we need?

In a very short time, we realized that this is what we are doing and what we have fulfilled. In fact, the people with whom we share this, many times are in the same road as us. But when we share our story, they still get surprised and want to know how and where we will go next. That will be our task. We will share more travel reflections and we will continue our journey.

Maybe there are some more things that we would like to do or that we would have liked. But what we have done is enough to conform us and confirm that in this way we should continue. In addition, of course, we know that many other things will come and that the ones we want will take just a little while to appear.

Possibly, we will change plans for this new year that begins.
In principle, the idea would be to visit some other country in Europe and wait for Russia. We’ll see, but surely that will be one of the goals. Then we’ll follow the road. We’ll let this 2018 bring us what it needs to bring us.

So this is our beginning of the year, a happy new year.

Greetings and best wishes to all. We wish you a good start of the year!

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