Our trip

This trip became our way of life. We say one trip, but if we really want to define it, we talk about more of them. Many small trips that make us think and change.

We begin to see things differently. This trip makes us grow, become more tolerant and more accepting. We are constantly finding new values and seeing things in the way not many wants to show them.

We are two and we are travelling hitchhiking. It seems a short and simple description, but surely it will say more than you can imagine. We are not of few words, so we will try to describe our journey the best possible.

Almost always we walk without a definite path, where our steps take us, running a great risk: move forward, move unpredictably, attracted by what calls us, escaping from the obligation of an “established normality” and being ourselves, living day by day. Without knowing, without having an idea of how or where next. We are living every moment and getting on with little, to be able to continue.

Trip hitckiking in Italy
Sanja, waiting to leave Italy

Was it always like this? Where do we come from?

In the begining it is easy to answer. No! It was not always like this.

Each one of us with our own influences and thinkings, convincing ourselves step by step, we escaped from our own comfort zone (yes, that one). Simply to dare to see what lies beyond, how much can be done and what there is to explore in this world.

We are travelling in two and we come from different realities, different countries. This fact highlights more contrasts and make us see things in different ways. We think, we feel and we perceive differently and still we are walking down the same path. The one that is showing us that we can and that is possible.

Traveling with our backpacks

Some say: “How brave”; others: “They are crazy” or “That is too risky”.

Some think we have something special. There are also those who approve us. That support is usually found in people that are more open to strangers. Some lived it, and can understand a little more the things that we lived during our trip. Feelings or experiences that are difficult to describe.

Also there are those who are prepared to go down the same path, but taking more thoughtful steps. Risking, but not so much, although they know what they want to reach.

There are many who while approving our trip, think they can not move in this way and that it takes some inside spark to do it … who knows? Maybe they are right. All these are the ones that are going to give you a hand, ask where you are going, where you come from and what makes you travel. Even though it seems like a small help, they are the ones who help us continue our journey.

Of course there are also those who do not offer any kind of help .The ones who do not want to see you, or who pretend that you are not there.

There’s going to be plenty of criticism and questioning.

Those who criticize or question almost always do that because they do not understand (or do not want to understand) how others can dare to do something that is even outside of their imagination. But if you decide to travel, you shouldn’t worry about that, to be happy becomes your only task.

We follow our rhythm, with our ideas and gathering a bit of everything: many “how” and several “why” and many others “who”.

We always ask. And when you ask to yourself or anyone else, you always get an answer.

We say yes quite often and very easily. Encouraging ourselves a lot, we almost always make decisions that are not analyzed too much.

Trip hitchiking
And when nobody stops, what do you do?

We try a lot with little

That is our way … at this moment we have already traveled more than 35 countries on our own, with a lot of desire and not that much money.

It’s ridiculous to think about it … but of course, when you think a lot, the limits appear. Obstacles … Are they there? Of course, but they exist in ourselves. So we are also taking care of them. Although they make us more down-to-earth, slowly we start to move them and put them aside. That’s where everything starts, suddenly there is much more to see, much more to tell, much more to do and live … It’s all about that, isn’t it?

On this path we are, coming and going. Moving step by step, trusting what we live and not what they tell us, laughing and learning. We trust and connect in our own way, but also disconnect when is necessary.

I guess we take something from everyone and that motivates us to continue.

We seek not to complicate too much and gradually we are transforming our path and our reality. Trying to make things flow, so it becomes easier.

We do not seek absolute truths and simply want to understand things that for us do not arrive with nuances, the reality that somebody sells.

We don’t define too much, although it is said that little is sometimes much … we decide in the way. With backpacks on our shoulders and clear steps on our path.

We are travelers and wherever we are on this trip, we go without a definite path. We believe and hope that our steps, those we took and those yet to come, are marked on this map.

Trip hitchhiking in Berlin
Brandenburger Tor, Berlin
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