Welcome to Pasos por el Mapa!

Here we are. At the door, at the beginning. Our project is starting and we will call it Pasos por el Mapa.

It is the beginning of something that clearly already started in another way. After traveling more than 35 countries, between Europe and South America the day has come. There were different stages, but everything ended up being part of the same plan. Since we started travelling, we were thinking about writing these stories. And finally, here we are.

Maps and Steps

We believe that seeing a map means travelling. That piece of paper where everything becomes achievable. Where the world is reduced and seems so small. We can point where we would like to go, talk about dreams, desires and strange names. Surely we would all like to have a map or a globe to turn it around and surprise ourselves with a destination thinking: Why not go there?

The steps are the footprint. They represent the mark of each path we take. Where you come from, where you are going. And how much is important the way in which we decide to walk.

Pasos por el mapa will try to do exactly that: short stories, chronicles and photos to show where we have been and where we are going. So that you can reflect on them and see how is possible to achieve your dreams. We are going to tell you how our point of view reveals us each place we have the possibility to visit. Furthermore, we will try to show that reflection so you can see what attracted us or that small detail that drive us. We are writing in hope that the same thing can motivate others, as well as others have motivated us to go down this way.

Travel became our lifestyle and we travel hitchhiking

Here we will give you a glimpse of what this different lifestyle is all about and try to clarify what it implies.

We will try to be a guide

Particularly for those who are gathering strength. For those information collectors who are preparing to take their first steps. Once we were them too, until we stopped listening to other people’s stories and went out to live our own. Now we finally decided to start.  We are choosing to write and tell our story.


We also had them. We are sure that through our stories you will erase fears, dangers and all those ‘’why’’? All the reasons that can make you think that this is not for you or that for some reason you should not go somewhere.

Our intentions

We hope to be creative and make it enjoyable. So we can give you information, advices and also share with you our story. We would appreciate if you join us and travel with us on this adventure.

We would like to keep curiosity alive, keep you interested in new experiences and revive your forgotten desires. Share a little of everything we received. First of all, the hospitality and helpfulness of strangers, but also our own people.

We intend to be useful and collaborate. Help and tell all that we found on this trip and everything we discovered through this experience and our own steps.

For now, we are becoming convinced that it is possible and more than anything, that the world is better than what they told you.

In short, we will enjoy what we are doing and we would like those who read to enjoy it the same.

If the time has not yet come to start your own adventure, you can start by seeing those adventures through us and with our tips prepare for your journey.

Although we are not sure where this all will takes us, as always, we know that we are going. Are you coming?

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